Personal Training:

Personal Archery Training

Personal Fitness Training

I offer Specialty Archery Training/Coaching for all


This involves all aspects concerning your bow or style you want to shoot.

If you want to become a great archer you need to start training like one...!

Points to focus on:

1. Style and Form when Shooting....

    (How to get Comfortable and enjoy your Bow)

2. Draw Length and Anchor Points...

    (How to ensure your Equipment is Correct)

3. Selecting Arrows or Bows...

    (Arrows make a Big Difference when going Pro)

4. Bow Set-Up & Structure...

    (Everything needed to Set-up your bow for You)

5. Consistency and Competition Rules.

    (Getting you Ready for the Challenge ahead)


Costs are R250/ to book a session...

Etienne -083 292 0196

I offer Fitness, Muscle Building  & Nutrition Training/Coaching for all.

You don't know where to start or what to do to get your body in shape...?

Need to Build Muscle, Get Fitt or Loose Weight for a special event, give me a call because i can help....!!

Need help with your Nutrition?


Points to focus on:

1. Health & Fitness...

    (Eating correctly so you can succeed)

2. Muscle Building and Strength Training...

    (Training Smart so You don't get injuries)

3. Nutrition...

    (Keeping Yourself Healthy. with Food not Medicine)

4. Mobility...

    (Training so You can Move Better, Healthier)

5. Consistency is Key!!


Costs are R250/ to book a session...

Etienne -083 292 0196

Target Butts
Bow Fishing Gear
Concealment & Hunting Gear

Truth is the best Arrow and Courage the finest Bow...