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Sight In:

First Step:

Attach the sight to your bow by following the manufacturer’s directions.

Different sights require a different set-up so be sure to follow the directions carefully.


Step 2:

Put the top or first sight pin about one quarter from the top of the sight frame and carefully shoot your first arrow from 10m, lining up the first sight pin or the red dot in the centre of the sight with the “x” on the centre ring of the target.

If the first arrow hits the target, shoot the remaining four arrows.

If the first arrow misses the target, adjust the sight frame accordingly, remembering that the sight works backwards.

Adjust toward the fault, if you shoot high move sight frame or pin up, if you shoot low move sight frame or pin down.

Carefully shoot the next arrow and continue adjusting until you hit the target.

If you shoot right move your sight frame to the right, if you shoot to the left move sight frame to the left.
















Shoot another round and repeat the steps above until your arrows are grouped near the x.

The more you shoot the tighter your groups will get and you’ll be able to fine tune your shots to make all your arrows hit the centre ring.


Step 3:

Adjusting the second pin you must set the pin only up or down to the desired height, if you adjust the frame up or down your top or first pin’s settings will be out, you can move the sight frame right or left that won't mess with the first pin too much.


Step 4:

Follow the steps above to set the rest of your pins for different distances, remembering that your site pins should be moved down for distances further than 10m and up for distances that are closer.


*If you set the top pin to 10m the next pin should be set to 20m, then the next to 30m or further, or as you please, but remember to adjust the pin up or down and not the whole sight frame otherwise the first settings will be null and void.


*With new products like the Trophy Ridge React Sight if you set the first two pins to your desired distance the rest of the pins are set in automatically to distances relating to your first two choices.
















*With a pen make a line on your sight bar where your sight is positioned and mark it 10m.By marking on the sight bar if your sight gets bumped during transport you’ll be able to tell it’s off before you let your first arrow go.


Remember that your peep sight needs to be positioned correctly so that you shoot right from the start; if you can't adjust it take it to your nearest bow shop for assistance.

Your peep sight is your basis for good aiming, no matter how great a sight you have, if your peep doesn't perform right or twists when drawing it’s going to frustrate you to no end as well as give you inconsistent shots.


One other thing, sometimes over looked, is the arrow rest.

It also plays a big part in shooting accurately especially at long distances.

When you are busy sighting in your bow and start shooting greater distances, you will see the arrow starting to move to one side, either the left or the right.

This is your arrow rest; it's not sighted in correctly.

You need to move your arrow rest, in very small increments, in the opposite direction of where the arrows are hitting.

Shoot your arrows and check your arrow rest, adjust again if needed.


When you are satisfied return to 10m and check the position of your sight and adjust if needed.

Then go back to your furthest shooting distance and check the arrow rest again, after that back to 10m then back to the greatest distance.


Do this a couple of times and your sight as well as the arrow rest should be sighted in perfectly.

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