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Win & Win Wiawis One

Lengths Based on a 25" Riser:
Long: 70"
Medium: 68"
Short: 66"

Weight Available:26#-48# 2# increments...
International standard dovetail fitting...

Win & Win Wiawis One

  • WIAWIS ONE is completely new concept limb that combines advanced manufacturing technology and Flaxpreg, eco-friendly natural materials.

    Flaxpreg is made of natural fibres and epoxy resins. This material has never been used in archery manufacture before. Flaxpreg is environment-friendly material, and its twisted structure enhances the vibration damping effect in shooting.

    WIN&WIN applied high strength and high modulus carbon fibre to the limbs for the first time. Using Nano carbon, which is much stronger and has greater vibration absorption qualities than carbon fibre, has upgraded the bow technology and performance.

    You have two choices:
    Wood(R10460) or Foam core limbs(R10690)...
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