Win & Win Wiawis NS Foam

Lengths Based on a 25" Riser:
Long: 70"
Medium: 68"
Short: 66"

Weight Available:28#-48# 2# increments...
International standard dovetail fitting...

Win & Win Wiawis NS Foam

  • Built for speed and extreme accuracy, the NS Foam Limbs feature an all new Graphene Foam Core.

    The new foam material uses graphene structure and has excellent tensile strength. It offers approximately double the impact strength over present foam materials. The use of this material in archery products has been solely developed by Win & Win.

    The NS limbs have improved power and stability and give shorter and narrower string movement than any other limb. This affects how the efficiency and energy is transferred from the limbs through the riser to the arrows. This makes shooting more forgiving so that the archer can improve their performance consistency.

    The NS limb's graphene foam core is very light and strong, but also provides excellent shock and vibration absorption qualities. This offers a more stable and accurate feeling when shooting.


    • International Limb Fitting (ILF)
    • Graphene Foam Core
    • Superior shock and vibration absorption


    • Bow length: 66", 68", 70" (25" Riser)
    • Weight: 28 - 48 lbs (2 lb increments)
    • Finish: One side glossy, one side matte
    • Material: Nano Graphene Foam Core / High Modulus Carbon

    NS-G Graphene....R26680

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