Win & Win Wiawis TFT-G Riser

Available in RH or LH
Riser Length: 25"
Mass Weight: 1331g

Win & Win TFT-G Riser

  • The TFT-G recurve riser is precision made using Win & Win's manufacturing technology, know-how and decades of experience.

    All of their TFT-G handles use state of the art nano graphene which has a superior strength and wide surface area.

    The TFT-G handle by W&W offers advanced shock absorption and vibration dampening which provides a smooth shooting experience while decreasing unnecessary movement with its Torque-free system.

    In modern bows, vibration mostly occurs at the sight window side of the handle, which directly affects bow torque and balance of both of the limbs when shooting.

    Developed exclusively by Win & Win, the TFT-G riser employs a graphene damper made of nano graphene prepreg-dispersed in high molecular epoxy to absorb shooting shock and vibration and help stabilise the shot.


    • International Limb Fitting (ILF)
    • Graphene construction for shock absorption and balance
    • Fitted graphene damper for added vibration reduction
    • Clicker bar included


    • Length: 25"
    • Weight: 1315g
    • Material: Graphene / Nano Carbon
    • Colour: Matte Black
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