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Trophy Ridge React Pro 5 pin Sight
Small Diameter pin 0.019
Sight Light Included
Micro Adjustable React Technology
Wrapped Pin
RH or LH

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Trophy Ridge React Pro

  • The Trophy Ridge React sight with React Technology, a revolutionary, tool-less sight system that once calibrated at 20 and 30 yards, makes your 40, 50, and 60 yard pins mathematically impossible to be inaccurate. Perfect precision. Season after season. In less than 10 minutes.

    The React sight will change the way you look at your current sight, the React sight utilizes our exclusive React Technology making it the most accurate sight in existence.

    Includes: Optic Pins, Sight Level With Third Axis Adjustability, Zero Pin Gap Spacing, Ballistix CoPolymer System, Reversible Sight Mount, Designed for use with left or right hand bows and high or low anchor points, Multiple mounting holes for more versatility, 100% Tool-less micro-adjustment, Rheostat light, .019 Fibre optic pins, Sight level
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