Thermal Imager T12 NC
80 x 60 FLIR Lepton Sensor
8 to 14 μm Spectral Response
4 Thermal Image Polarities - White Hot, Black Hot, Green, and Color
Multiple Reticles - Chevron, Box, and custom available
Non-reticle Camera Versions Available
Non-Uniformity Correction Calibration
Multi-language Support
Adjustable Brightness
9 Hz and 30 Hz models
Hand held or Picatinny Mount
4 Models - 4 Fields of View - 8.3 deg 12.5 deg, 25 deg, and 50 deg FOV
Metal Exterior - O-ring Sealed
8 hr Battery Life on 1 CR123 Battery
Auto-Power Save Mode Extends Battery Life

Thermal Imager T12 NC

  • T12-VC Thermal imager allows you to see or pick up any body heat produced by living body, be it open or concealed behind bushes or shrubs. This scope has the ability to be fitted to any picatinny rail on any firearm,airgun,bow,airbow etc. The thermal image produced is visible in both day and night time and offers various shades of thermal vision(White hot,black hot, Red hot and traditional green). The T12-VC model is recommended for hunting up to 70meters and also has an adjustable reticule. Take you hunting time into the night
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