Truth is the best Arrow and Courage the finest Bow...

The Bearpaw Nightfire Nock will live up to it’s name! Powerful, bright luminosity shows the arrow flight and transforms it into a light tracer! The Nightfire Nock is an important companion for bowhunting. When shooting during dusk or at night our Nightfire Nock should be a standard part of your kit!

Colours: Blue, red and green
Content of delivery: Pack of 3 Nightfire Nocks
Suitability: Standard Arrow Size or Standard Bolt Size

Inside the Nightfire Nock there is a micro switch which activates when the arrow is released. The nock is later deactivated by means of an arrow tip or the included metal pin. There is a small opening on the side of the nock for this purpose.

Bearpaw Lighted Nock

  • Available in S nock sizes and for Crossbow Bolts
    Colours available Blue, Red or Green
    Weighs approx. 0.35 grains each.
    Packet of 3.

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