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Shibuya Ultima 2 Recurve Sight
Micro Wind Adjustment
Sight Pin Included
Available in Black, Red, Green, Blue, Gold, Orange and Purple
RH or LH

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Shibuya Ultima 2 Recurve Sight

  • 3D simulators enabled the engineers at Shibuya to significantly reduce mass weight and improve vibration dampening
    • Unmatched strength and durability
    • New gripper dial finish and streamlined bow mount
    • New windage micro-scale and optimized elevation bar make this the last sight you will ever need
    • Precise, hassle free adjustments with each click traveling .002"
    • 20 clicks per revolution make this sight compatible with most popular configuration software's
    • X-Lock system ensures that your windage unit stays tight and functional to your sight
    • Serrated release lever for smooth, easy adjustments
    • Length: 9"
    • Elevation length: 4.85"
    • Weight: 7.1 oz.
    • Includes: soft carry case and metric allen wrenches
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