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AMS Retriever Pro
Bow Fishing Reel
RH or LH
Comes 20ft, 200# Line

Reel AMS Retiever Pro

  • Just draw, aim and shoot. The 25 yards of 200 pound braided Dacron line is easy to track and is stacked in the bottle rather than wound on a drum or spool. Zero drag design allows arrows to fly faster and deeper. Quick adjust telescoping clamp makes adjusting for different size hands easy. Built in quiver gives you a place to store your arrow when not in use. Stronger, lighter and even more corrosion resistant than the original retriever, even in salt water. Related Info: Kit includes Retriever Pro Reel, Mounting Hardware, 25 yards of 200# Hi-Vis Braided Dacron line, telescoping clamp and quiver, 2 - AMS Safety Slide Kits and Operation and Instruction Booklet for Mounting to your bow.
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