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Rated for 4500psi and constructed with carbon fiber to reduce weight. Includes a stainless steel fill connection, 12" microbore hose, grippy hand wheel for controlled filling, built-in pressure gauge and bleed valve.

At under five pounds and 15" in length with a 4" diameter, this tank fits nicely in a pack for a day in the field.

Capacity is 2L. Expect the following number of fills (your results may vary):
Pioneer Airbow (Model #BPBD3S) - 8 fills (refill @ 2000psi)

PCP System Airbow

    The Pioneer Airbow is driven by 3000 PSI of compressed air. An integrated pressure regulator delivers 8 shots at a consistent 450 FPS and the convenient fill nipple makes refilling quick and easy. 4500 PSI Charging System as filling solutions.
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