Truth is the best Arrow and Courage the finest Bow...

Brace Height 6 5/8"
Draw Weight 50, 60 & 70 lbs
Bow Weight 4.14 / 4.3 lbs (With Two Harmonic Stabilizers) approximate
Let-off 65%, 75%, 85%
Draw Lengths 24-30"
Half Sizes 24.5-29.5"
IBO Rating up to 330 fps
Axle-to-Axle 32"

No Cam HTR

  • The NO CAM ST™ Technology put every other component into question when designing the new NO CAM™ HTR. The result is a truly integrated system featuring shorter, more rigid quad limbs, a less reflexed riser, twin Harmonic Stabilizers™ and our popular Focus Grip™. RockMods™ come standard on the NO CAM™ HTR and are available in 65%, 75% and 85% let-off. Choose between five exclusive -finishes, including the new Stone Tactical and Lost Camo® OT.
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