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Mybo Ten Zone Scope
Available in 10/32"
Includes Green Fibre and Pin

Mybo ten Zone Scope

  • The ultimate scope for both target and field archers.

    As competitive compound archers ourselves, we have always been frustrated by the limitations (and surprised by the excessive pricing) of currently available scopes. So we decided to do something about it.

    The Ten Zone is the result.

    Mybo Ten Zone Scope - (Incl. Lens and GREEN Fibre Optic) Contains -

    * Precision CNC machined housing.
    * 1 x Interchangeable Nikon Lens.
    * Integral hood.
    * Large, fully visible level.
    * Selection of stick on dots & circles.
    * Fibre Optic Kit
    * Reduced rear housing diameter.
    * MicroFibre cloth included.
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