Mybow Off-Side Mount
Available in Black, Red, Blue, Orange

Mybo Off-Side Stabalizer Mount

  • A versatile mount, available in two sizes.  ‘Standard’ and ‘XL’ (pictured above).  The only difference being the length - The XL version will give greater clearance if your preference is to swing the side rod tight in against the bow.

    Both versions use the same powerful taper fit joint as the 3SIXTY fully adjustable v-bar, and an oversized locking bolt to make sure that once adjusted, it stays put! 

    Mount conventionally, as you would mount a typical v-bar.  Or if your bow allows, a common location for these is under the grip, on the inside of the riser.


    • Anodised aluminium body
    • All metal construction
    • Powerful, taper fit joint
    • Allen key included
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