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Hoyt Limbs....Price on Request

Available in:
Riser Length:Short , Med, Long
Limb Poundage: 22-50lbs (2lbs increments)

Available Limbs:
Formula or Grand Prix...
Carbon X-Tour, Carbon Ace, Carbon 840, Excel...

Hoyt Target Limbs

  • Crafting high-performance recurve limbs is both a science and an art, and Hoyt has been developing in both respects for more than 86 years. We are proud to present the culmination of nearly 9 decades of knowledge and experience: The Carbon X-tour, our fastest recurve limb ever. This premier-level performance limb is available in Hoyt’s proven syntactic foam configuration, as well as an all-new, exclusive laminated bamboo configuration. Both configurations are engineered with high-performance carbon layers to promote the dynamic limb straightness and precision string tracking Hoyt limbs are known for.

    Bamboo is both extremely lightweight, and exceptionally strong, making it the perfect core to provide the ideal combination of durability, stability and speed. This all-new engineered, laminated bamboo core delivers a higher level of torsional stability, and a smooth, accurate shooting experience you will need to feel to believe.

    For those who prefer a foam configuration, the Carbon X-Tour is also available with Hoyt’s proven Syntactic Foam Technology. This proprietary blend of glass microspheres and resin is a proven performer. Durable and lightweight, this configuration has been trusted by premier-level athletes for years, and brought home gold medal after gold medal.
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