Pro Defiant, Turbo, 34

Hunting Bow: R15780
Target Colour Bow: R17580
Price on Application...

Draw Length 24"-31"
Speed (ATA) 325-350 FPS
Brace Height 6"-7"
Mass Weight 4.3 LBS
Axle-to-Axle 30.5"-33"
Draw Weight Ranges
30-40#,40-50#,50-60#, 55-65#, 60-70#, 70-80# (Order Specific)

Hoyt Pro Defiant

  • 86 years of cutting-edge engineering has culminated in our most advanced aluminum bow to date–period. Hoyt bows consistently top the most prestigious podiums and punch the most demanding tags, dominating in situations that leave no room for error. The all-new, 2017 Pro Defiant integrates the best technologies from both of these worlds into a single, dominant technology set, including the proven DFX cams and UltraFlex limbs, backing its swagger with serious technology and performance. The Pro Defiant is purpose-built for the most serious, demanding bowhunters on the planet.

    Engineering elements and benefits include:

    Offset Riser Technology that kills vibration and adds strength and stiffness.
    The smooth, fast and powerful DFX Cam & ½ system.
    Dual Cable Stops for a solid back wall.
    An optional limb stop that provides a no-play back wall, for customizable comfort and consistency.
    Rotating cam modules, allowing easy adjustment without module replacement or a bow press.
    Multilayer laminate UltraFlex limbs.
    A zero-tolerance limb-to-pocket connection for precision and accuracy.
    The Zero Torque Cable Guard system, which eliminates torque for dead-on alignment.
    Synergy between DFX cams and UltraFlex limbs, increasing the axle-to-axle measurement at full draw, and improving form, comfort and accuracy.
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