Truth is the best Arrow and Courage the finest Bow...

Axle-Axle 33”  
Brace 6.75”
Mass Weight 4.3 lbs
Draw Lengths 26"-30"
Peak Weights 40, 50, 60, 65, 70
IBO 340fps

G5 Prime Rize

  • Parallel Cam
    Prime’s Parallel Cam System provides the superior balance of two string tracks combined as one by standing together to virtually eliminate cam lean, a left/right tuning problem no other competitor has felt necessary to address, but is the cause of many major accuracy and consistency issues.

    Not all competitive archers are the same and their preferences in a bow do not always match either. The three new modular based parallel cam system of the ONE series allows archers to compete with the draw cycle they like the most whether they are looking for speed, smoothness, or a little of both. The increased adjustment in the draw stop also guarantees a back wall that you are most comfortable with. Whatever your preferred draw cycle or shot sequence is, we have cams for that.

    82X Aluminum
    Prime’s risers were already the strongest in the industry, but the new 82X aluminum riser sets an even higher standard for strength. Made from the strongest aluminum alloy available and engineered with no movement, the 82X offers the most comfortable shot experience possible.

    The brand new Flexis-AR puts you in the customizing driving seat. This patented adjustable flexing roller guard allows you to adjust the distance the cables are from your arrow for optimum fletching clearance and improve tuning ability.

    Ultra Fit Grip
    The high-performance rubber molded grip provides extra comfort and a consistent grip for all archers. It can be removed for archers demanding a thinner grip. Available on Impact and Defy.
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