Truth is the best Arrow and Courage the finest Bow...

The New Revolutionary fletching only Better
Boasts a 3 vane rigid air foil design that controls any arrow better.

Available in Green, Orange, White or Pink
Comes in Standard Size, Axis or Small Diameter
Price per FOB.

FOB's - Fletching Only Better

  • The FOB is a single part that replaces any type of three or four fletch application, either vanes or feathers that are normally applied to arrow shafts. FOBs are held in place with the nock that comes with your arrows and will pop off on a pass through for marking the spot. Just pick it up and install for re-use (nock stays with the FOB on pop off)

    FOBs are designed to be used with fall away rests and carbon arrows only!

    In flight is where the FOB’s aerospace design really demonstrates its superior capabilities. As soon as the arrow leaves the string, the powerful steering forces of the FOB’s ring wing instantly stabilizes the shaft flex paradox that all arrows are subject to when shot. At the same time, the three FOB struts impart an quick and consistant spin on the arrow, which normalizes any inherent shaft straightness run out (usually .002″ – .006″). Because the FOB is lighter than three 4″ vanes and glue, its initial arrow velocity is higher than that of a fletched arrow. Since the FOB arrow stabilizes more rapid than the fletched arrow, less speed robbing air friction is spent in the first few yards of flight enhancing the FOB arrow velocity delta over the fletched arrow. The stability that the FOB imparts on the arrow makes broadhead tuning simple and the arrows fly true regardless of arrow speed or cross wind forces.
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