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Carbon Express Pile Driver Hunter Arrow

Available Spine:250, 350, 450

R185...Shaft Only (Nock & Insert included)
R215...Fletched Shaft (Fletching, Nock & Insert Included)

Pass Through Extreme....R180 Arrow, R208 Fletched

Carbon Express Pile Driver Hunter

  • Engineered for the hunter who wants ultimate penetration with maximum kinetic energy and greater knock-down power. Weight Forward technology provides improved down range accuracy and Mossy Oak Brush BuffTuff finish adds durability to this shaft. Straightness tolerance of +-.005” and weight tolerance of +-1.0 grains. Available in sizes 250 (.402” spine, 10.4 GPI), 350 (.345” spine, 11.3 GPI), and 450 (.300” spine, 13.1 GPI). Includes BullDog Nock Collars, Launchpad nocks, and inserts. All sizes use 19/64” points.
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