Truth is the best Arrow and Courage the finest Bow...

ATA/IBO Speed: 332-340 fps. 
Brace Height: 6"
Axle to Axle: 32"
Letoff: 75%
Draw Length Range: 24" to 30"
Mass Weight: 4 lbs.

Available in: Black, Break – Up Country, Skullworks 2

Bow Madness Epix

  • Drury Outdoors delivers the most epic whitetail hunts, so PSE knew we had to deliver an epic bow to live up to the Bow Madness™ name! The 2017 PSE Bow Madness™ Epix is an all-new high performance compound bow built from the ground up with an exclusive new angled-plane riser designed to deliver maximum rigidity and stiffness for an ultra-stable shot.

    The Bow Madness™ Epix is a true whitetail killer, perfect for the blind or tree stand with a 32” axle-to-axle, and a shooting speed of 340 fps on a smooth draw with an amazing 80% let-off!

    Available in Right Hand only
    Comes Ready To Shoot...!
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