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Apex Covert 1 pin Sight
Small Diameter pin 0.019 or 0.010 (Interchangeable)
Fitted with a sight light
Adjust for long distance

Also Available with Red or Green DOT same as TruGlo...

Usually In Stock...

Apex Covert

  • Single pin sight with Quick-Change pin technology allows you to change pin size and color in seconds. Compact and lightweight, weighs only 8.5 oz. Features adjustable 2nd and 3rd axis, rear facing yardage tape, and an adjustable long range yardage stop to set your maximum sight travel. Includes .010” and .019” pins with green, red, and yellow fibers. Micro push-button sight light and over 60 pre-marked yardage tapes are also included. Aperture size: 1.87”. Accepts Covert Lens Kit (Sold Separately.)
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