Bear Agenda 7 Hunting Kit for sale... 

Comes with all you mioght need...

Used but very good condition...

  • IBO Speed 340fps.
  • Weight ranges 60-70lbs. ...
  • Draw length range 26.5"-31"
  • Brace Height 7"
  • Axle to Axle 32"
  • Mass weight 4lbs.
  • Let-Off 75%

This Kit Includes:

1 x Bear Agenda 7 Compound Bow

1 x Trophy Ridge Fix 5 pin Sight

1 x NAP Apache Arrow Rest

1 x NAP Apache Stabalizer

1 x Flambeau Case

1 x Allen Bow Carry Sling

1 x Cobra Release Aid

1 x Neet Side Quiver

1 x Sight Scope Cover

1 x Bow Bat Hunting Back Pack

3 x Premium Broadheads

1 x Leopoldt Bow Mounted Range Finder

1 x Apex Bow Quiver

1 x Arrow Puller

Extra points and fletching including loads of arrows and more extras...

Bow Jax libration Dampeners, String suppressors and Wrist sling...


This whole kit brand new will work out over R30000...

Quality Accesories and a Quality bow...

Bear Agenda 7 Hunting Kit

    Target Butts
    Bow Fishing Gear
    Concealment & Hunting Gear

    Truth is the best Arrow and Courage the finest Bow...