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Dead-On Range Finder:

The Dead-on range finder is universal and fit most bow sights easily.



1.Clean the side of the bow sight.

2. Peel the protective back off of the Dead-On Range Finder to expose the adhesive surface.

3. Apply the Dead-On Range Finder to the bow sight where it will give you the best view of your target game animal and press firmly.

You do not need to 'line up' with any of your sight pins.

4. Place the fibre optic pins in their positions starting from the bottom belly pin. Add the rest of the pins as you calibrate your range finder.

5. Choose an animal first and cut a gauge stick so you can calibrate it.

6. Once you have your product installed, and the pin set, your site will look similar to this example of a 3 pin sight.

Dead-On Range Finder

That's it!

Your Dead-On Range Finder is now ready for your next Big Game Hunt!

Of course, we highly recommend that you practice with the range finder at various ranges* to familiarize yourself with the Dead-On Range Finder.

You will find that integrating the "ranging" process into your shot steps is effortless, quick and can be performed at a full-draw.


Tips for greater success with the Dead-On Range Finder:

Match the colour of your Dead-on Range Finder yardage pins to the colour of your sight pins.

Then simply range a colour, and then use that colour of sight pin. No need to count your pins.


You can set up the range finder for two different animal species by using two different colour fibre optic pins. Example: green for Impala setting and red for Blessbuck setting.

Practice quickly ranging your target and transferring to your shooting pins in a smooth, slow-motion effort, relying on the high-visibility fibre optics of the Dead-On Range Finder.


Calibrating your Range Finder:

Cut a gauge (stick or board or an old arrow) to length:


Gauge Lengths:

Black Wilde Beest 598mm

BlessBuck 445mm

Blue Duiker 175mm

Blue Wilde Beest 729mm

Buffalo 845mm

BushBuck 375mm

Bush Pig 553mm

Cheeta 360mm

Giraffe 1850mm

Harte Beest 504mm

Hippo 1110mm

Hyena 423mm

Impala/Rooibok 320mm

Jackal 210mm

Greater Kudu Male 715mm

Greater Kudu Female 520mm

Lessor Kudu Male 546mm

Lessor Kudu Female 416mm

Leopard 403mm

Lion Male 693mm

Lion Female 511mm

Nyala Male 484mm

Nyala Female 396mm

Oryx/Gemsbok 611mm

Rhino White 1216mm

Rhino Black 1040mm

Steen Buck 263mm

Warthog 435mm

Waterbuck Male 625mm

Waterbuck Female 475mm

Wild Dog 300mm

Zebra Burchel's 625mm

Zebra Grevy's 687mm


Place the gauge next to your target.

At 20m, the gauge (from top to bottom) must fill the 20m space on your Range Finder.

Do this for each distance you would like to shoot.

Fine tune your Range Finder's fibre optic pins by moving them to line up with the gauge.


Note: some targets will actually be close enough to the right size to act as the gauge for calibration

(just bracket the target before you shoot and you will become a lethal weapon in the hunting field)...

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