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Cam Timing:

 FletchinFFflIf you shoot a two-cam bow, you absolutely need to check your cam timing.

If the cams aren’t synchronized, you will get some wicked tail high or tail low paper tears that you can’t eliminate any other way.


Both cams should reach their full draw positions at the same time.

You may want to take the bow to an archery shop if you are not sure how to check and set timing, but I will do my best to explain the standard procedure here.

Look at the track that the harness wraps up in (not the string).

Watch the point where the harness touches this track as you draw the bow – of course the point will be changing as the cam turns.


At the end of the draw, you will notice that the harness settles into a long straight portion of track.

Now as you draw, move your gaze from one cam to the other.

Both harnesses should bottom in this straight portion of track at the same time.

The top and bottom cams must come to a stop at exactly the same time.

 FletchinFFflIf not, you need to shorten one harness – the one attached to the cam that is getting to full draw first.

This step requires a bow press – so if you notice that your timing is off, you may need to take it in at this point.

To shorten that harness, simply give it one or two twists in the same direction it is already twisted and then take the bow out of the press and check the timing again.

You may have to get down to half a twist to eventually nail the timing exactly, but it is worth the effort.

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