Truth is the best Arrow and Courage the finest Bow...

Broadhead Basics:

There are literaly hundreds of broadheads on the market today, but all that really matters in the end is what your budget is and how your broadheads fly.


We are hunters first are we not?


You may never get your broadhead hunting arrows to hit the same exact spot as your practice arrows with field points, but that is the ultimate goal.

If your hunting arrows group in a different part of the target from your practice arrows, your bow is not perfectly tuned. Small differences are fairly common even when you get a bullet hole (or a nearly perfect hole) through paper.









You can pull the groups together by simply moving your rest very slightly in the direction required to bring your hunting arrows closer to your practice arrows.

When the broadhead arrows are impacting to the left of the field point arrows, simply move the rest very slightly to the right.

When youre all done you will probably have to sight-in your bow again.

If moving the arrow rest doesn't work you can always move your sight to compensate. If the arrows are wide left, move the sight to the left, etc.


The other solution is mechanical broadheads that open on impact.

These broadheads like the Rage, Zwacker, G5 T5 and NAP are desighned to fly like a field tip but still have the cutting diameter of a fixblade broadhead.

They really work!










I use the rage 2 blade myself and it works beautifully, they hit the same spots as my field tips and always open up.

I have never had a rage broadhead not open.


There's nothing more satisfying to a bow hunter than putting it all together during the moment of truth, the whole season may come down to just one shot, so take the time to really set-up your hunting rig properly and make it count this season.

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